Decentralized system management

As a decentralized platform, FDG supports its management structure by a completely transparent decentralized autonomous system. This structure allows each pass holder to have a clear understanding of all the technical construction and value circulation within the foundation of the public chain, and fully reflect the credibility value of the blockchain. FDG's completely decentralized management system will completely avoid the disadvantages of centralized management of traditional institutions. It provides an excellent and trust-free solution to problems such as centralized management authority, data tampering, and independent decision-making on the direction of the group.

Secure transactions on the chain

After FDG adopts the blockchain, it no longer relies on the centrally located system to be responsible for fund clearing and transaction information storage, but can directly transfer value based on a consensus mechanism, which does not require any trust coordination.
The result of the mechanism transformation is: on the one hand, it not only saves the huge server fees and maintenance costs of third-party organizations, but also streamlines business processes and reduces transaction costs; on the other hand, the flattening of processes improves the speed of transfers. Real-time transfers are realized, and because each node of the system stores a complete set of data copies, even if multiple nodes are attacked, the overall system can still ensure security.

Transparent data information

FDG has the characteristics of decentralization, does not rely on an organization or individual, and uses credible technical means to publicly record all information on the "public ledger", thus solving the trust problem and providing credibility traceability.
FDG’s strategy is to use machine language to solve data sources and data trust issues through its hardware devices, combined with the decentralized and non-tamperable features of the blockchain, to ensure the authenticity of the data throughout the chain. The design of FDG ensures the security of transaction data in the collection, transmission, storage and calculation process, and provides a stable and reliable technology platform for data transmission and value transfer in payment transactions.

About Us

FDG Future Digital Games brings together the world's top talents in the fields of blockchain, games, computers, and digital assets, links multiple resources, and has high-end innovative project operation methods and capital investment ideas. Based on blockchain technology, FDG will build a free, transparent and decentralized pan-entertainment ecosystem integrating games, promotion, consumption, payment, resource management, etc., from online to Offline, the entire industry is upgraded and improved for the industry.

FDG aims at hundreds of millions of game enthusiasts around the world and builds a global unified entertainment game ecosystem based on blockchain technology. FDG leads the global community to quickly build a community consensus with a unique PoG game consensus, so that everyone has a decentralized game ecosystem with centralized communication, resource sharing, and convenient transactions.

Game data information

Features 01

As long as each public chain participant has data on the chain, he will have his own unique game data on the FDG chain. And FDG helps game users to confirm the rights of game data. The owner of the data is the data producer himself, and others have no right to obtain and use the data without their consent.

Information Sharing Community

Features 02

FDG will provide a professional game information consulting platform to exchange information and match needs for users and users, users and third-party organizations, and organizations and organizations.

Industry resource integration

Features 03

FDG combines multiple game resources and elements in different ways, divides and integrates business formats, reconstructs the game network, builds an information flow system, summarizes experience, and improves processes. At the same time, FDG will establish a new business model of multi-format integration based on the multi-faceted integration of the game industry link IP shaping, fan economy, online and offline communication circles, and the business circle.

Game culture ecology

Features 04

The game ecology is industrialized and the industry ecology is authoritative. FDG is committed to improving the ecological and cultural literacy of national games, supporting the healthy development of the game industry, and expanding publicity to create an ecological cultural atmosphere. FDG focuses on the dissemination of game culture, puts forward valuable ideas from multiple professional perspectives, expands the authoritative voice of game culture dissemination, and promotes the "game culture" that everyone can rest assured in the era of integrated media.

development plan

first stage

Complete the implementation of FDG public chain technology system, security system, cross-chain communication, multi-chain integration, smart contracts, consensus mechanism, distributed storage and other underlying technologies.

second stage

Establish an FDG economic ecological model, and establish a blockchain game industry alliance through FDG Token to open up industries and applications such as finance, commerce, game malls, and entertainment payments.

third stage

Create a global community consensus, access the FDG ecosystem, build an autonomous and incentive community, and help the ecological development of the FDG public chain.

Fourth stage

Carry out the integration of global market resources, carry out commercial cooperation on a global scale, promote FDG's multi-domain and multi-level applications, and build a decentralized and reliable business form and economic system.

Technology Architecture